Claudio Lombardi


Founded in Montemurlo in the heart of Tuscany in 1987, this company specialises in the production of conserves and pickles.
Right from the start it distinguished itself on the market thanks to the high quality, wholesomeness and great variety of its products.

Always an absolute priority, the freshness of the raw materials which are produced in qualified farming areas and meticulously controlled and selected.


The company Claudio Lombardi avails of one of the most modern production lines, and the processing cycle guarantees not only safe food, produced in full compliance with current hygiene/health standards, but also a high rating factor due to maintaining the natural flavours and organoleptic properties of the raw materials.


Today the company has three lines on the Italian market:

Lombardi, Conserve Toscane, and Prestige - added to which there is also the Catering line - all linked to the “Tuscan genuineness” that reflects the company's true identity.
Besides the ability to fully satisfy the Italian market, the company Claudio Lombardi is also present on foreign markets and has obtained the ISO 9001 certification.


The company has always striven to improve its products through research and innovation. Committed to going beyond the existing standards for everything concerning flavour and nutritional qualities, it is confident of winning over consumers thanks to the originality and wholesomeness of its recipes.

Tuscan recipes